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St. Cayetano, Patron Saint of Job Seekers and the Unemployed
St. Cayetano
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St. Cayetano

Having a hard time looking for a job? Try asking intercession to God from St. Cayetano (Cajetan) because he is known as the patron saint of job seekers and the unemployed.

St. Cayetano was of noble lineage and was born in October 1480 at Vicenza. His parents were Gaspar, Count of Thiene, and Maria Porto. Maria Porto was known to be very pious and was responsible for his studios upbringing. St. Cayetano eventually became a diplomat at Rome in 1506 and was largely attributed to the reconciliation of the Republic of Venice with Rome. By 1516 he had advanced already to the priesthood.

After leaving his work in 1523, due to the death of the Pope, he established the Oratory of Divine Love, which is an association of pious priests and prelates.

The following year he returned to Vicenza due to the death of his mother. There he established a hospital for incurables. Deeply concerned with the spiritual diseases that had infected the clergy of all ranks during his time he strove to reform them by instituting a body of regular clergy, who should combine the spirit of monasticism with the exercises of the active ministry.

He died at Naples in 1547 due to extreme depression and grief over the discords of the city of Naples. During his last moments he was said to have suffered a form of mystical crucifixion.

He was beatified on Oct. 8, 1629, by Pope Urban VIII and eventually canonized on April 12, 1671, by Pope Clement X.

Saint Cajetan's feast day is celebrated on August 7. He is known as the patron saint of the unemployed and job seekers. His remains are in the church of San Paolo Maggiore in Naples.

Prayer to St. Cayetano
for Job Seekers and the Unemployed

Glorious Saint Cajetan, acclaimed by all people to be father of providence because you provide miraculous aid to all who come to you in need, I stand here before you today, asking that you present to the Lord the requests that I confidently deposit in your hands.

(Mention here the graces desired.)

May these graces that I now request help me to always seek the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness, knowing that God — who dresses with beauty the flowers of the field and abundantly feeds the birds of the sky — will give me all other things. Amen.

Try praying this novena style: for nine days straight then after each prayer recite 3 Our Father's, 3 Hail Mary's and 3 Glory Be's.


Just to clarify, you pray to St. Cajetan to intercede for you to God in order to have your prayer answered.

In the Bible, if you will notice in the Gospel, that whenever Jesus heals or performs a miracle for somebody he usually grants forgiveness first. By this example, when we pray to God to ask for something we should first ask for forgiveness for our sins and our shortcomings.

We should remember that God is Good. Therefore our pain and suffering don't come from Him. Pain and suffering comes from our being away from His Grace because of our sinfulness. The Bible mentions that the world we live in right now is the realm of Satan and he will do all in his power to separate us from the Grace of God. Yet Satan can only do so much as God will allow. To return to God's Grace can be done by the simple act of asking for forgiveness and trying to live a moral life afterwards.

If this prayer has in anyway been answered, please don't forget to Thank God for His Grace and St. Cajetan for his intercession. Please also do your part by spreading this prayer around in honor of St. Cajetan. If you want to do more, then try anonymous acts of charity in order to share your blessings. It is also by acts of Charity that we have our sins forgiven and be in the Grace of God.

Charity is not limited to giving money. Acts of kindness are charitable works in itself because it gives us the opportunity to emulate Christ. Like donating blood, picking up litter that somebody had dropped, helping a child tie his shoe, being understanding of the person holding up the line, helping the new person at work feel part of the team, forgiving someone who has wronged us in the past ... just to name a few.

Time on earth is only temporary but the Kingdom of God is forever. Just think of this time on earth as your entrance exam to judge whether you are worthy enough to enter the Kingdom of God. It might be difficult but God will always take care of his righteous people. God Provides!

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